IMG_4918Welcome to “A Sketched Mood!

A blog that focuses on my art journey! For years, I’ve been having a very hard time getting out of my comfort zone. I would make countless excuses for why I didn’t practice my drawing skills, complete a painting I was working on two weeks ago, or even start this blog I’ve been talking about for the past six months! I tend to get so caught up in my day-to-day routine, that I don’t stop and actually do what I love to do. I can talk about my dreams and aspirations all day, but what I wasn’t doing was being proactive. I was being lazy! I would often lurk ( 👀) on social media, more specifically, the gram and compare myself to other artists who consistently do what they love, which is making ART. I focused so much on other artists and their accomplishments that I doubted my own skills and achievements; crazy right!?

BUT not anymore!

A Sketched mood is my way of improving my artistic talents, one sketch at a time. The more I practice and perfect my skill, the closer I am to bettering my art and myself. On this blog, I share my personal artwork, fun & helpful art tidbits, and a few other fun surprises along the way! No, I am not an expert on art; what I am is an artist; and as an artist, whether you’re a stylist, designer, photographer, etc, you must always CREATE & OWN IT! SO, this is my start! Where I go beyond my limitations and beyond my comfort zone. So join me my fellow art lovers as I venture off beyond the canvas.

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    “This world is but a canvas to our imagination”

…Go Beyond it!

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