A Touch of Wall Art

Ever since I turned my living room into my very own “apartment space complex” I’ve been getting inspired by all things interior design. Pinterest has been holding me down with great ideas to jazz up my space. After painting my walls blue, I felt as though I needed to add a touch of myself in the mix; I mean it’s only right, right? So, I’ve decided to create some wall art!!!

I’ve never done abstract art before, so I figured I’d challenge myself and have a little fun along the way.

To be honest, I really didn’t know what I was doing, I threw paint around in hopes that it will come out looking like a Pollock masterpiece, clearly it never even came close. However, I believe I did a pretty good job mixing media; using materials such as acrylic, spray paint, and decorative fillers I found at Michaels arts and craft store.

Now that I have my art style decor in place, it was time to get my fashion decor on and popping! During the time of my transformation, I painted up some fashion icons: Iris Apfel, June Ambrose, and Karl Lagerfeld to give my room more of a chic look!

I spray painted my frames from black to orange to give my room a pop of color and TAH-DAH! a Katu’s very own masterpiece was born. 

I’m sharing this because I think its important to find a new environment for yourself. When you’re down and out, feeling moody, unsure, unhappy,  etc. the first step should be to declutter and reorganize your home because that is the place you go to every day and should feel the most relaxed and stress-free.

Replace your old and dark decor with something more modern and bright! Adding color always brings character to a place and lighting candles conveys a sense of serenity and happiness to your life.

Try implementing these tips! I’m sure you’ll find yourself grateful for the change.

"A chic home makes you happy and a happy home makes you chic!"

-BeYou.BeTrue.Be ART


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