Caught Up in the Galaxies

So, as you may or may not know, I am creating a mini cartoon character! I am having loads of fun coming up with ideas and finally bringing my vision to life. This new piece called ‘Get Envolved’ is based off a song that I love by artists, Iman Omari and Moruf. It tells the story of simply getting off your ass and getting involved with your life.

As seen in my painting, my character is from a different world. He’s from a place where there aren’t a lot of opportunities for him to grow into the artist he knows he can and wants to be.  Earth, however, provides that missing ingredient he’s been longing for. It’s the focal point for starting his journey into the art world. Strangely enough, like most people, he can sometimes get lost in his daydreams.

Caught up in the galaxies and looking up into the stars diverts his attention from his goals and purpose in life. It’s great to have dreams and to be inspired by those dreams, but when you remain stagnant, those dreams will only fade into the night. It becomes more so an illusion instead of a reality, because no amount of effort was put into starting. Soon enough, he will realize that the only way up, is to get out of his home and into the unknown.Believe it or not, my character can definitely relate to many of us. For example, we create a goal in mind! We get excited about it, write them down, and then try to complete the first task off our list. Slowly but surely, we get a text message, now we’re scrolling on social media, not to mention – comparing ourselves! Before we know it, we are now watching Game of Thrones, Power, or Love & Hip Hop and gradually setting aside our goals for the next day (which then turns into the next few months).Those ‘stars’ in the galaxies are shiny distractions. It’s like when baby Aurora from Maleficent got distracted by a pretty butterfly and almost fell off the cliff. We need to be mindful with our surroundings and feed our dreams with change of action.


Evolve and get involved with your life. Don't get caught up in the galaxies.

-BeYou. BeTrue. Be ART


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