Paint Galore!

One day, I was at work having one of my moments of boredom. I felt like I was lacking something and I needed a ‘fix’ to feel better. I thought maybe getting a new tattoo, shopping for some new clothes, or even heading out for drinks with some friends would help do the trick. Then I got to thinking, why don’t I just buy some new paint!?I was now on a mission to splurge on art supplies I desperately needed, with money I didn’t even have, (sometimes you gotta do, what you gotta do and think about the consequences later).  So, there I went to the nearest BLICK art store and blew off some steam in the ‘GOLDEN’ paint section. As my boredom of grays, suddenly turned to colorful hues of blues, purples, and pyrrole oranges, I was starting to feel a hundred times better. Although my pockets were lower, my mood became brighter and my ideas were continuously overflowing.I’m glad that I followed my gut and purchased those materials, instead of waiting a few more weeks or even months to do so.

I started a painting to include in my character collection and I’m pretty excited for the completion. Stay tuned for the results of this piece!We all know that art supplies can get very pricey! So, if you’re feeling a bit hesitant to purchase supplies that may burn your pockets, try buying items one at a time. Also, getting samples and testing them out beforehand can be an easier and inexpensive way to still create art without going over budget.

"If it's on your mind, it is worth taking the risk."

-BeYou. BeTrue. Be ART


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