Avoiding ART Procrastination

At times, it can be very difficult to balance all the things you love at once. Whether it’s your full-time job, producing new artwork, socializing with friends, attending art events, etc,  can all be very overwhelming. I was definitely one of those people pulling my hair out and wondering why I haven’t posted any art content in the last 14 days.

In order for me to be a better artist, I have to do my part of producing more and more work. With that being said, I had to come up with a strategy and QUICK!

Here are 3 tips that keeps me in check with staying on top of my art game.

  TOPICS: Writing down a list of topics that you are genuinely interested in and want to share light on is a great way to build content for when you are having writers block. When you know you have to post something for the next day, you can quickly go through your lists and find something that suits your mood! Whenever a topic comes to mind, write it down on a post-it, in your phone, hang it on your fridge, tell your mama, and save it for later!

SCHEDULING: Take the time to figure out what you want to post on your social media page. Plan out a weekly schedule of what you want to display for that day. For instance, Mondays are set for paintings, Tuesday are set for blogging, Wednesday are set for sharing tips, whatever your heart desires, have your ideas planned out so that you are not scrambling for something new to post that day.

UNUM APP: We all love a great Instagram theme! You can tell how much time someone puts into making their feed presentable and overall dope. UNUM is an easy-to-use app that curates your Instagram feed before you post it publicly. I loooovvvve this app because I can edit, rearrange my photos where I see fit, schedule, and theme it all in one shot. This is a great way to foresee and plan your IG when you are having social media obstruction.

Well there you have it! Those are just a few tips I use to keep me from procrastinating when it comes to my artwork. Use these tips in your day-to-day routine and I am sure you’ll find yourself having more than enough material to use for your art.

BeYou. BeTrue. Be ART


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