Catch Me on Little ThingsTV!

HAPPY SUNDAY! I hope you guys are taking advantage of this weather because it is BEAUTIFUL out here in NYC 🙂 and with that being said, I have some good news to share! I was recently contacted by staff member Erika Santos (who I love by the way, she’s ridiculously funny, cool and did I mention a fellow Capricorn!) from a show called Little Things.

In case you are not familiar, Little Things is a production company that produces all things positive. They’ve managed to create amazing videos of DIY projects, food recipes, parenting tips, etc, all while engaging over 200 million people every month.  So where do I fit in you ask? Well, every week they feature a new artist to do a live painting for their “Blank Canvas” segment and I happen to be one of the artist chosen.

When I agreed to do the show I will definitely say that I was nervous as hell. I mean I’ve never done a live painting and just knowing that people will be watching me from all over the world had me shaking in my boots. However, Erika was able to calm nerves and convince me that everything would be fine and she was absolutely right. I had so much fun, the crew was amazing and I honestly haven’t laughed so hard in such a long time.

If you haven’t already, check out for more exciting and informative videos. And don’t forget to check out my video down below of my appearance on the ‘Blank Canvas.’

-BeYou.BeTrue.Be ART


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