Pancakes and Booze October Fest!

Yes, I know you’re probably wondering, “Pancakes and Booze October Fest???…but it’s November!.” Please forgive me, I’ve been a little backed up lately. So, let’s get you guys back up to speed! If you remember back in April, I participated in a show called Pancakes and Booze NYC. I loved it so much that I decided to showcase my work in their second 2-day event, in October.img_1102


img_1131Being that I participated in the show back in April, I was already knowledgeable about what to expect for this coming event. I arrived 30 minutes earlier than the time I was scheduled, which gave me the freedom to have options as to where I wanted to hang up my pieces. I invited all my friends, I created three new works, and I managed to get to the opening on time…weeeell sorta.



fullsizerender-3Although I’d rather the location from the first event due to it’s size,  I must say, regardless, I still had a really great time.  The place was packed with a cool diverse crowd, the walls were filled with amazing & over-the-top art, and the bar was fully stocked to complement the delicious choices of waffles, pancakes or french toast. This event had everyone jammin’ to the hippest music, all while, engaging in some of the dopest artworks.

Pancakes and Booze was truly unforgettable! I literally had all of my friends supporting me at this show. It made me feel so blessed and happy to know I have people in my life who understands my passion and is willing to be there for me and see me grow as an artist.img_1387

img_1380img_1130Oh! how can I forget!? Being that this event took place around Halloween, Pancakes and Booze added a little twist.  They put together a Zombie Fashion Show!! Trust when I tell you, I was not thrilled when I heard they were including zombies. For starters, I don’t like anything horror, I don’t even think I’ve seen a horror movie in theaters and if I did see it at home, all the lights were on, my pillow was next to me in case I needed to close my eyes, and I made sure my doors were locked! but, surprisingly, it didn’t turn out so bad.fullsizerender-11


fullsizerender-6All and all, Pancakes and Booze NYC was a success once again! I didn’t sell any paintings but the experience overall was memorable. Doing shows like this continue to boost my confidence and creativity. I am no longer afraid to enter into competitions or art shows because regardless of the outcome it will only improve my artistry for the better.



fullsizerender-7If you’re an artist and you’re  looking for a new event to showcase your work, I would highly recommend Pancakes and Booze. They are very organized and helpful. Their events are a lot of fun and a great way to meet other new artists like yourself. Check out Pancakes and Booze website to see when they’re coming to a town near you! Also check out the video I created on my ‘video section’, so you can get a close look of my experience! img_1207

-BeYou.BeTrue.Ba ART


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