Styling N’ my Denim

There were so many cool trends happening this past summer that I can definitely see myself rocking for the fall. We all know that the 90s is making a come back and I am absolutely loving it!! One in particular is the distressed denim jacket.

Believe it or not, this technique was very inexpensive, yet, very tedious. Or maybe, it being my first time, I felt like it was taking me a month to complete this look! I know I’m such a drama queen,  any who, I bought my jacket at ‘LTrain Vintage’ in Brooklyn for only $20 bucks!  What I used to style this look, you can honestly find in your own home or local 99cents store. The materials needed is a blade, tweezer, scissors, and if you really want to jazz things up;  sand paper, markers and spray paint.




Because my denim jacket had a light finish to it, I used black and grey spray paint to give it a nice grunge worn out look. I used the scissors/blade to cut a straight line of where I wanted my distress look to form. After figuring that out, I used my tweezers to gently pull out the seam so that it hangs nicely. I then, sandpapered my edges to give it a rough appearance instead of a clean cut. When that was over, I wrote lyrics from some of my favorite songs by the rapper, Kid Cudi,  along with the name of some visual artists that I’m inspired by. Lastly, l left it out to dry and styled it up the next day.

I love mixing fashion with my artistic flare. It makes it more unique and personable to my style. It’s important to always find different alternatives to what you originally love doing. Step outside your comfort zone and break a few rules because that my friend, is where the magic happens!

"FASHION is ART and YOU are the CANVAS"

BeYou. BeTrue. Be ART.


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