Curl Fest 2016!!

Curls! Kinks! & Twists! were all the rave at this year’s biggest Natural hair festival, Curl Fest! So many melanin embracing their afros, braids, buzzcuts, puffs-puffs, you name it! From the cutest babies down to the most handsome well-groomed men, and of course! our beautiful afro-centric sistas, were all in attendance this past Sunday. Curl Fest took Brooklyn by storm, shaking up Prospect Park, with the dopest DJ’s, soul train lines, henna booths, natural hair vendors, and custom-made fashion apparel, just to name a few! And what would this post be without adding a bit of ART into the mix! Four amazingly talented painters were brush stroking their way from one canvas to the next.


 This happens to be my second time attending this event, and I must say, every year Curl Fest continues to bring so many beautiful, creative, energetic people together to celebrate our black culture by simply loving the skin that we’re in.


Festivals like this one, you’re more than guaranteed to run into someone you knew from back in the day. Whether it’s your crazy ex-boyfriend, high school best friend, teachers, the girl you beat up for talking to your man, lol,  are all there, either soaking up some shade or electric sliding to Cameo’s – Candy. 


Artist @Josiesboy was in the process of creating a live piece for the festival. Being an artist myself, it’s always a thrill to observe other artists at work because now I am in their zone and I get to see what their process is like.


 Another one of the four talented artists @Artofval created a live piece at the festival as well. Can you believe this was her first time creating a live painting!? She did a great job, Get it boo!


When you see people you know doing amazing things!!!! My home girl, Natalia (@hennadready) from college, started a business doing henna tattoos and she is by far incredible in her craft. With such a large clientele and unique designs on some of the most daring places, this woman is by far someone to book for your next event.


(These painters were on point at this festival. Can you say slayed!? lol)


I bought this top from Zara about 2 months ago, like YAS! this is going to be my Curl fest outfit! Lord and beyond another chick was rocking the same damn top, lol, but it was cool, we all rocked it in our own way and looked fab!



 If you haven’t had the opportunity to attend Curl Fest, don’t worry! There’s always next year and the great thing about it is that it’s free! How amazing is that!? Beautiful people, goodie bags, fashion and art, music, positive vibes, great energy, dancing, MELANIN, the list goes on people!! lol. Simply follow them on Instagram (@curlygirlcollective) so that you too can be in the know! And hey maybe we’ll even run into each other :-*

-BeYou.BeTrue.Be ART


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