Art for Social Justice Event


Art For Social Justice event Recap!

Saturday I attended an artists collective event presented by the members of Art For Amnesty. It was an informative and heartfelt experience that focused on the issues of black lives in America. The room was filled with so many inspired and intellectual individuals who wanted to make a difference in our society. It was a life changing moment for me to be a part of such a huge movement. This event reminded me that art is an important way of speaking truth into this world.


ARTIST: Ronald Draper


ARTIST: ‘Televised’  by Sophia Dawson 


ARTIST: Brian “BKtheArtist” Kirhag

FullSizeRenderI had the pleasure of meeting one of the artists (@BKtheArtist) from the event. Such a humble and inspirational human being, who sees the beauty in everyone. His art captures the essence of power, strength of love, and rawness of truth. I was honored to meet him and encouraged to continue perfecting my skill as an artist.


ARTIST: ‘Hopeless’ by Ashish “Hash” Patel

(Some of the artists work I captured at the event)

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter" - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.



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