Lost Innosense…


So, I’m really not good with coming up with names for my pieces lol but for some reason, I got lucky with this one up above. “Lost Innosense” is about young girls who are influenced by social media foolery. And before you guys beat me up because I misspelled innocence lol don’t worry, I did that purposely.


So let’s continue, I’ve been noticing lately that social media has a big effect on our generation today. Especially, in our body image department. Everyone wants to buy waist trainers, or have a “beat” face every day, or booty implants; the list goes on people! AND I’m not knocking any female over the age of 22 lol who wants to spend their money on that, Do you boo! BUT me, I’m not here for all the extra shit. Don’t get me wrong, though, I like a beat face here & there but that is time-consuming, lol. My issue, however, is more for the younger girls who feel as though they need that to be beautiful.

dope3 copy

That is what my piece is about: Young girls losing their sense of what’s important. I want them to know that they’re still youthful and they have so much more to offer than just physical appearance. Being true to yourself and being confident is more beautiful than any fake big booty on the block…I’m just sayin’ *Kanye shrug*

Don’t lose yourself trying to mimic someone else. 

We all have our own individual and unique quality that makes us special. So why, try so hard to change who you are just for the approval of others?

On that note, Females please be advised to just flourish in your own skin :-)

Materials used: Acrylic on canvas, newspaper cutouts for background, and GOLDEN gel medium: Self-leveling clear gel


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